ID Coordinator

ID Coordinator

ID Coordinator

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Job Description

Administrative / Office Management / Clerical - Full-time

Summary of Responsibilities:  To provide patron ID services which include State Identification, Driver’s License, Birth/Death/Marriage/Divorce/School Certificates and Social Security Card. 

The Mission Statement: To reflect the love of Christ to all who come through our doors by building relationships and offering programs that foster dignity and respect.
The Vision Statement:
For those we serve, we will be a community that overcomes obstacles, celebrates transformation and realizes the full potential of all as children of God.

Statement of Faith:  Employees affirm and accept the ministry of Dégagé to be a faith based organization founded on the message and love of Jesus Christ and further affirm the mission statement of Dégagé as stated above.  Employees will be asked to sign a Statement of Faith at time of employment. 



·         A strong commitment to Christ and to serving Him through word and deed to others.

·         Strong communication skills, both verbal and written. Good listener.

·         Strong computer skills desired.

·         The ability to work with, encourage, motivate and lead people from all areas of the social spectrum.

·         Ability to organize, prioritize and delegate independently.

·         Ability to adapt to change.

·         Process a valid driver’s license. 


Specific Responsibilities:

·         Maintain weekly day time hours during the open hours of the Life Enrichment Center. 

·         Meet with all patrons interested in attaining ID’s or other vital documents.

·         Obtain necessary vital records.  Communicate with state, federal, and school agencies to obtain vital documents.

·         Record all services in the Virtual Case Manager System (VCM) and any necessary record keeping for grants and programs.

·         Keep accurate files for each patron. 

·         Promptly return phone calls and emails.

·         Prepare and accompany patrons to weekly trips to Secretary of State.    

·         Inform each patron of the process, policies and guidelines of our ID program, as well as communicate these policies to local agencies.

·         Do an exit interview on every patron receiving ID and/or other vital records. 

·         Other duties as deemed necessary.