Freelance Video Editing

Freelance Video Editing

Freelance Video Editing

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Job Description

Technical - Contract

We are looking for a video editor.  

Here is a brief video of what we are looking for:

Here is the dropbox link with the content you will need to:

1.  Confirm this is something you can do

2. Confirm how much you charge per hour

We will not be able to provide the RAW VIDEO CONTENT in any other format than what we included in Dropbox:


Let me know if you need any additional clarification to help provide us with items 1 and 2.


Also, if this is not something that interests you BUT you know someone who would be interested in please feel free to forward this video to them.  Once we find a provider I will remove the video. 

Thanks so much, Jim Ryerson (Cascade Campus Attender)