Church of the Servant Church Administrator

Church of the Servant Church Administrator

Church of the Servant Church Administrator

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Job Description

Management - Full-time

Position: Church Administrator  

Compensation: 30 hours/week starting at $26/hour with benefits   

Reports to: Executive Team of Council 


By inhabiting this role through cultivating the gracious spiritual disciplines of reading the word, prayer and collaboration, the church administrator coordinates the key administrative functions of the church. With accountability to the COS executive team, the Church Administrator establishes and maintains regular intra-staff communication to assure the timely delivery and coordination of the key operational functions of the church toward the fulfillment of the church’s vision and mission. 

Areas of Ministry   

  • Maintain a Sustainable System of Administration by   

  • Regularly maintaining and updating the church operational policies essential for efficient and consistent programmatic operations on SharePoint. The COS Safe church policies, social media policies, volunteer recruitment and building use guidelines are examples of such policies that should be articulated clearly and readily available for all to access.  

  • Providing support to the Finance committee and the executive team, in conjunction with the church Treasurer, as they develop annual budgets, communicate financial needs to the membership, solicit member pledges and report giving histories to members.   

  • Providing administrative support to the co-pastors in their work with various ministry teams and staff. 

  • Developing and maintaining a central file of all financial, administrative, maintenance, insurance, and public sector compliance documents in conjunction with the Treasurer and Facility Coordinator. For those documents that must be renewed, such as insurance, ensure that our coverage is always current, is sufficient to protect from all losses and is competitively priced 

  • Managing and advising on facility rental and ensure the rental policy is implemented well. Work with the Facility Coordinator and Treasurer to ensure that proper and effective policies are maintained in this area, in terms of fee structure, workload impact of rental on COS staff and development of liability waivers. 

  • Managing the implementation of the food truck program on the first Saturday of each month via a scheduled rotation of leaders as well as recruiting new volunteers. Ensure positive ongoing communication with Feeding America 

  • Updating and Maintaining records of all council, elder, deacon and ministry teams in SharePoint. Recruit teams as needed and operate as the point person for all diaconal teams when needed. 

  • Preparing yearbook statistics annually along with accurate member count for denomination and classis, with assistance from pastors and elders, and provide a church directory on a bi-annual basis 

  • Being adept at problem solving and assisting with other requests from staff as the need arises 


  • Provide appropriate supervision to other staff and volunteers by    

  • Creating space for daily guidance and support, and regularly assessing the service of the Facility Coordinator and the food coordinator. The Church Administrator is a member of and responsible for coordinating with the facilities team and implementing maintenance and capital improvements 

  • Regularly monitoring the work of and provide feedback to office volunteers, treasurer, facility coordinator, ESL coordinator and ESL nursery staff, food coordinator and communications coordinator, refugee support coordinator and carry out annual performance reviews. 

  • Formulating and managing the IT team to ensure the availability of sufficient IT support services to address computer issues as they occur 

  • Refining and overseeing the process of mercy and benevolence in cooperation with the mercy and benevolence team. 

  • Managing the volunteers serving on various Sunday rotations such as the tea/coffee and nursery schedule using ministry server pro.  


  • Maintain a welcoming office environment by    

  • Training and recruiting front desk volunteers 

  • Developing and maintaining a comprehensive log of all computer hardware and software with notice for replacement as appropriate to our needs and capacity. 

  • Ensuring the purchase of sufficient licenses, regular maintenance, and training, as necessary.  

  • Managing and maintaining the phone system within church. Maintaining all other office equipment according to current need. 

  • Updating office supplies and maintaining printers and copiers. 


Collaborative Leadership   

  • Provide monthly reports to the executive team on issues, activities, and new projects 

  • Regularly attend staff meetings  


Qualifications: Essential 

  • A living faith in Jesus Christ and a commitment to the Reformed tradition  

  • Attend or be willing to attend COS faithfully for worship and fellowship  

  • Proven experience as a team leader 

  • A minimum of five years’ experience in a progressively responsible administrative position(s), preferably at a church or other not-for-profit organization. 

  • Working knowledge of, or proven ability to learn the management of SharePoint   

  • Proven ability to understand phone and IT systems  

  • Proven ability to understand and improve current administrative structures  

  • Gifts of hospitality, welcoming the stranger, and connecting people in community  

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred 

  • A commitment to anti-racism and reconciliation as inherent to the gospel 


Qualifications: Desirable 

  • Working knowledge of ministry server pro or equivalent  

  • Working within a diverse community of cultures will be an asset 



To apply for this position please submit your letter of interest and resume to: 

By 16th June 2022  













Church of the Servant aims to be an inclusive congregation, as we believe the Gospel calls the Body of Christ to be. We aim to not discriminate, on any level, on the basis ofrace, sex, gender, sexual orientation, economic power, mental health, or disability. 

Here at Church of theServantwe strive to be children of God, one in Christ Jesus, unified in one faith, one Lord, and one baptism. We seek to be a church that welcomes all, serves all, and allows all to minister in the name of Jesus Christ. 

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