Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

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Job Description

Accounting / Finance - Full-time

***This position is being filled through DickersonBakker: Please apply at ODBM CFO Opportunity

Position Summary

As a member of the Global Executive Team (GET), the CFO will report to the

President & CEO, and as such is a member of the leadership team that oversees

the ministry’s mission strategy, plan, and execution. 


Areas directly supervised and primary day-to-day responsibilities will include

overall financial leadership of the global organization with specific guidance to

the following teams:

  1. Global Finance including the team in the US and the regional Finance
  2. Coordinators (FCs) located in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, India and Ibero
  3. Americas and Caribbean (IAC) region.
  4. Donor Engagement and Grants (US).
  5. Building and Grounds (US).
  6. Rights and Permissions (US).
  7. Print Services, Fulfillment and Supply Chain (US).


Essential Functions and Responsibilities of CFO:


1. Responsible for the ministry’s overall (global) financial strategy, plans and

policies along with its accounting practices and the conduct of its

relationship within each country’s financial community.


2. Directs and maintains the financial philosophy, guidelines, and

policies/procedures for the global work of the ministry.


3. Serves executive leadership with timely analysis, projections and counsel

relative to financial strategy, plans, current status vs annual budget,

revenue trends, expense performance and trends, investments, etc.


4. Assures effective & timely financial reporting and management

tools/systems. Provides leadership in the development for the continuous

evaluation of short and long-term strategic financial objectives.


5. Lead the processes for financial forecasting and annual budgeting of the



6. Direct and oversee all aspects of the finance & accounting functions of the



7. Establish and maintain strong relationships with other senior vice

presidents and executives so as to identify their needs and seek full range

of ministry and financial solutions.


8. Provide executive management with advice on the financial implications of

ministry activities. Provide recommendations to strategically enhance

financial performance and viability vis-à-vis ministry opportunities.


9. Ensure that effective internal controls are in place and ensure compliance

with non-profit accounting standards and applicable regulatory laws and

rules for financial and tax reporting.


10. Lead annual global audit process ensuring that all required audits (approx.

30) are completed and on time for inclusion in the global combined ODBM

audited financial statements and reporting. Assist with the resolution of

significant audit issues raised.


11. Appraise each global entity’s cash and overall financial position and

oversee periodic financial and operating reports. Approve and facilitate

intra-ministry financial support and cash movement.


12. Propose policies for the establishment and maintenance of inventory

levels for raw materials, supplies, material-in-process, and finished goods.


13. Review and facilitate the approval of all capital expenditures, including all

facility improvements, acquisitions, and dispositions.


14. Oversee all aspects of the ministry’s asset risk management including the

insurance program.


15. Engage as a member of the Risk Management Team and participate in

monthly meetings led by Human Resources (HR).


16. Ensure Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance rules adherence working

the ODBM Chief Digital and Technology Officer (CDTO).


17. Lead the annual confirmation of the ODBM Director, Officer and Employee

Conflict of Interest Certification to the Finance Committee.


18. Assist with the maintenance of the Business Continuity Program

documentation working with HR and regional SVP’s.


19. Engage as a member of the ODBM Benefits Committee with members of

HR, leading the financial analysis of the US ministry’s benefit plans.


20. Review and participate in approving all major contracts that have a

financial impact on ODBM (including contracts for legal services when

necessary, publishing contracts, media contracts, etc.).


21. Oversee the ODBM Foundation and the ODBM 401(k) plan including its

investments (in accordance with ODBM’s investment policy), annuities

and other trust arrangements. Manage the relationship with ODBM third

party investment advisors.


22. Assist the President / CEO and the Executive Leadership team with

various overall business decisions as they pertain to the operations of the



23. Building and Grounds: Provide staff in the Grand Rapids, MI office with a

work environment that is safe and conducive to effective ministry

operations. Effectively manage all building projects within budget.


24. Print Services, Fulfillment and Supply Chain: Provide leadership ensuring

that these operations effectively serve internal and external clients in the

most effective and timely manner, focusing on the quality of product,

service, and safety.


25. Staff: Provide an environment where staff effectively contribute to ministry

operations, flourishing on both the professional and personal level via

timely and constructive oversight, feedback, and training.


26. Donor Relations and Grants: Provide leadership that fosters continued

excellence regarding major donor and Foundation efforts and the proper

safeguarding and control over financial investments. Work closely with

marketing to review and modify as needed the overall communication plan

regarding planned giving, including mailings, website, and conference



27. Participate in GET meetings including taking a leadership role in the

planning and execution of the annual strategic planning and budgeting

meeting held in January.


28. Attend ODBM Board Meetings and related ODBM Finance Committee

meetings, leading finance discussions in partnership with the Finance and

Audit Committee Chairman.


29. Other ad hoc projects as they arise.


Study or Knowledge and Experience Requirements:

  1. Master’s degree preferred in finance or accounting.
  2. Ten years experience in finance and accounting, including five years experience as
  3. a CFO or relative management role in the application of business finance.
  4. Experience in a not-for-profit organization is preferred.
  5. International finance experience desired.
  6. CPA or CMA exam success desired.
  7. Public Accounting firm experience desired.
  8. Strive to live a life consistent with biblical principles; and demonstrate continued
  9. growth and spiritual development; and read, reflect on, and respond to Scripture on
  10. a regular basis.


Internal Work Environment:

Extensive internal communication with ministry-wide management, project teams,

ODBM Finance Committees, and the ODBM Board of Directors (both in the US and

Canada). Position also holds various trustee and board positions for ODBM entities

and is a member of the GET. Topics are complex and sensitive.


External Communication Requirements:

Extensive communication with various vendors, audit firms, government agencies,

financial institutions, attorneys, and the ministry’s constituents/donors. Topics are

complex and sensitive.


Leadership Responsibility:

Responsible for the overall financial leadership of the global organization with specific

guidance to the Finance and Foundation Teams. Position is also responsible for certain

critical operations and functions in Grand Rapids, including Print Services; Fulfillment

and Supply Chain Management; Buildings and Grounds; and Rights and Permissions.

Total staff under supervision exceeds 75 individuals including eight direct reports and

functional supervisory reporting lines with five non-US based FCs.


Stewardship of Resources:

Responsible for the ministry’s overall financial plan, policies, accounting procedures,

and the investment of over $40 million in donor provided funds and the 401(k) benefit

plan holdings.


Miscellaneous Factors:

International travel required (three-to-five trips per year).

Based on biblical principles, our statement of faith and the richness of our

organization’s history, we will strive to reflect our commitment to diversity by honoring

the ministry’s mission, vision, values/ethos and guiding principles.

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