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Cafe Manager

Cafe Manager

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Job Description

Management - Full-time

  Brody’s be Cafe Cafe Manager

Company Overview:

Brody’s Be Cafe was founded and headquartered in Ada, Michigan in 2019. Jennifer Cole, the founder of Brody’s Be, was inspired by her son, Brody, who was born with Down syndrome. The founder of Brody’s be Cafe believes that bridging the gap for those with special needs is essential in every community.

Brody’s Be Cafe will mostly be run by individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and this coffee shop is more than just that. It is a place to feel loved, accepted, and belong.

Brody’s Be Cafe provides a special customer experience that teaches us to fill up our cups and let them runneth over together.

Position Summary:

This position is life changing, and personal growth is sure to happen! We are eager to find a person who is ready to work closely with individuals who have a variety of disabilities. This position requires hands-on help for those BEristas who are working. Guidance and patience are required to successfully manage this position. Also required is ordering and managing supplies needed for the coffee shop, understanding the operations of equipment, and creating the shift schedule, and handling day to day operations. Answering phone calls, taking messages, along with helping our Be and Baristas in the kitchen will be required. The cafe manager will sit on an operations committee comprised of advisors and board members to help ensure smooth operations and best-practice improvements. This position requires 40 hours a week including events and after hours commitments. This position may not go over 40 hours a week. This position allows for 10 paid days off each year in addition to paid holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Labor Day, and Fourth of July) Two weeks’ notice must be given to the Executive Director for vacation days. This position allows for 2 paid sick days.

Cafe Assistant Manager responsibilities include:


 ● Maintain a professional & clean look at the cafe at all times

● Understanding and advocating for the Brody’s Be Mission (know the mission)

● Managing day-to-day operations of the BE and BAristas in the cafe

● Learning the ins and outs of working the counter: the equipment, stock needs,

and kegerator operations.

● Help with hiring the BE and BAristas

● Continued training of Beristas and Baristas

● Organizing and implementing Brody’s be Coffee Carts for events

● Taking the coffee cart to events with BEristas and BAristas: evenings, weekends

● Training volunteers about the coffee cart

● Giving the coffee cart dates to volunteers (must have at least 3 days notice to

attend an event with the cart.

● Placing orders with Uncommon Coffee weekly on Wednesdays- orders arrive on


● Going over the daily duties with each BE and BArista

● Following the SLOW list during the day with BE and BAristas

● Enforcing the rules with BE and BAristas: using cubbies, wearing an apron and

nametag at all times, staying off technology.

● Ensure all cafe areas are clean and tidy at all times.

● Nurture friendly relationships with customers to increase loyalty and boost our reputation.

● All food, breaks, and work/meetings take place upstairs in the break room or office.

● Scheduling BE and BAristas one month in advance

● Opening and Closing the Cafe following the opening and closing lists provided.

● Manage the cash flow including counting the drawer

We Offer

● Competitive pay

● Training

● Vacation time

● Employee discount/free drink during work shift