Bus Driver

Bus Driver

Bus Driver

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Job Description

Other - Full-time

Position Title:                        SCHOOL BUS DRIVER

Reports to:                             Transportation Supervisor

Department:                          Transportation

Hours:                                    As needed up to a maximum of 40 hours/week

Exempt/Non-Exempt:          Non-Exempt

Salary/Hourly:                      Hourly

Benefits:                                 As offered per personnel policies

Position Category:                Bus Driver

Position Calendar:                School Year Calendar


Qualifications Required

1.              Personal relationship with Jesus Christ and committed to Christ-centered education.

2.              Regular worshiping member of an orthodox Christian church,

3.              Committed to the mission of The Potter’s House School,

4.              CDL B Certification with School Bus, Passenger stamp, and air brakes certification ,

5.              Current year MDOT medical certification for CDL drivers,

6.              Regular current State of MI training updates and certification requirements (or obtain such certification),

7.              Have general computer skills, enter data and establish Bus Schedule document,

8.              Be willing to be trained in The Potter’s House transportation protocol,

9.              Capacity to work in a diverse social context.  

Primary Job Responsibilities:

1.              Adhere to the policies as stated in the Transportation Handbook.

2.              Drive shuttle routes, for field trip, and athletic events as needed and scheduled by Transportation Coordinator.

3.              Notify Transportation Coordinator in advance of any personal conflicts or unavailability,

4.              Call Transportation Coordinator by 6:00 a.m. if any illness or absence arises at the last minute.

5.              Notify Transportation Coordinator as soon as necessary of any personal conflict with the assignments on the schedule.

6.              Find a substitute driver if you want to be excused from an assignment if 2 weeks or less before assignment,

7.              Pre-trip your bus 15 minutes before departure.  Fill out the Pre-Trip form in the on board notebook. 

8.              Keep your assigned bus fuel tank at or above 3/4 tank within the scheduled time.  Fueling is at Purity and their hours are weekdays between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm.  Inform Transportation Coordinator if you are unable to refuel bus within your scheduled time and Purity hours. 

9.              Check for left behind children, de-trash, and clean floors after returning from an event.  Put trash bag into school dumpster when full.  Close all windows and doors when leaving the bus.  Maintain a clean bus.

10.           Report any minor repairs needed, low fluids etc. to Transportation Coordinator or Maintenance Overseer.

11.           Report any behavioral issues to Transportation Coordinator as timely as possible. 

12.           Do not leave buses running more than 5 minutes while waiting for students to load. 

13.      Notify Transportation Coordinator of any points received for driving infractions or if you fail the MDOT medical certification.



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