Bakery Manager

Bakery Manager

Bakery Manager

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Job Description

Food Service - Seasonal/Temporary


Summary of Responsibilities

The Open Door Bakery Manager is a liaison for the Open Door Bakery and Dégagé Ministries partnership. The manager will oversee all aspects of the partnership including, but not limited to, staff hiring, supervision and development, new product development, internal and external marketing and communications, bookkeeping, inventory, and quality control.


·         A strong commitment to Christ and to serving Him through word and deed to others.

·         Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.

·         Strong computer skills.

·         PR, Marketing, and social media experience preferred.

·         The ability to work with, encourage, motivate and lead people from all areas of the social spectrum.

·         Ability to organize, prioritize and delegate independently.

·         Time management and organizational skills.

·         Budgeting and finance skills preferred. 

·         Ability to adapt to change when necessary.

·         Ability to work flexible daytime hours. 


Specific Responsibilities


·            Work with Dégagé staff to recruit past or present Open Door women as employees.

·            Actively participate in job training and development, communicating goals and expectations to patron employees. Work with program staff to address concerns, growth opportunities, and personal successes.


Communication – Work alongside the following staff members:

·         Marketing Director to ensure website, social media, and print materials are current, and to arrange media events

·         Volunteer Coordinator – to recruit new volunteers as needed

·         Patron Advocate/Open Door Manager – to determine staffing/patron hiring potential


Online and Special Orders

·            Respond to special orders that come in through email and phone

·            Respond to and fulfill orders received through online ordering portal



·            Serve as liaison with store and bakery managers

·            Ensure proper inventory is maintained

·            Coordinate staff to provide samples at store

·            Actively build the bakery brand within the community by building relationships with local businesses, schools, and organizations and creatively seeking promotional opportunities.



·            Transport ingredients and baked goods to and from baking site

      Purchase all food and supplies

·            Participate in the baking and the making of dough

·            Become competent in baking and dough processes so that they can be run independently as needed



·            Maintain and analyze records of market sales, baking production, time allocation, and special order requests for reporting and business development.

·            Manage income and expenses and coordinate check requests, receipts, cash needs, and license and insurance renewals with the Office Manager.

·            Actively work to grow sales opportunities – expanding to new stores, catering to businesses.


Additional Requirements

·            Requires the ability to comfortably lift and move up to 25 pounds without accommodation.

·            Requires a valid driver’s license and personal auto insurance policy

This is a part time hourly position.  25 hours per week.