audio-visual technician

audio-visual technician

audio-visual technician

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Job Description

Other Ministries - Part-time

Central Reformed Church is looking for a part-time audio-visual technician to assist with the production of worship and other services and to operate equipment during services.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

·       Assist or run livestream on scheduled Sunday mornings (approximately two to three Sundays/month, depending on staffing needs).

·       Arrive at least one hour before livestreaming service and at least a half an hour before any other service.

·       Ensure that sound and video equipment are turned on prior to the specified time for sound and video checks and/or a trial run.

·       Confirm that headsets, lectern microphone, and hand-held microphones are working and tested.

·       Control and equalize the sound and video output, and adjust as necessary.

·       Troubleshoot audio-visual equipment issues and/or problems.

·       Coordinate schedule with supervisor to ensure that there is always coverage.

·       Manage the sound board during Sunday worship and for specially scheduled events as needed.

·       Record worship services and other events; distribute copies of recording when requested.

·       Other duties as assigned.

 Specific Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

·       Able to support the mission of the church and Christian values. 

·       Reliable, timely, attentive, and good with technology.

·       Knowledgeable about live streaming technology and sound and video technology as it relates to the sound and video systems. 

·       Knowledgeable about equipment relating to the production of worship and other services.

To apply, please send a resume to