Associate Audio Producer and Engineer

Associate Audio Producer and Engineer

Associate Audio Producer and Engineer

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Job Description

Other - Full-time

Position Summary:

Assist Audio Producers and Podcast Team in creating multiple audio experiences in different styles and formats

Producing Responsibilities: 

  1. Work with Audio Producers to create an audio experience from inception to published product. This includes, but is not limited to, podcasts, radio broadcasts, film dialogue, etc.
  2. Work with Audio Producers to tell a story through audio by making assigned content decisions, writing wraps, and segmenting audio into appropriate sections.
  3. Cultivate a desire to push audio boundaries and create something new. 
  4. Discover and utilize new and/or relevant music and sounds. 
  5. Work with Audio Producers to create drama and intrigue through the use of content and sound.
  6. The ability to bounce back-and-forth between multiple shows that differ in style, content, and sound, and keep each show sounding on brand with its genre per producer guidance.
  7. To engineer and produce at the same time. 
  8. To be able to work with professionalism, expertise, and proficiency in the presence of influencers and personalities. 
  9. To listen to recordings, make suggestions to producers and hosts, and help shape the direction of each show.  
  10. To provide production support for broadcast and digital audio efforts as assigned.

Engineering Responsibilities:  

  1. Work with Audio Producers to record shows of various styles in various locations, including studio recordings and in the field recordings. This includes in person studio recording and remote audio sessions.
  2. To assist producers in finishing a recording with the highest level of audio quality possible. 

Editing Responsibilities: 

  1. To make seamless edits that the average listener can’t hear. 
  2. To be able to use music and SFX to create a memorable and noteworthy audio experience, where content sticks in the mind and imagination of the listener. 
  3. To listen for distracting noises, levels, etc… and minimize or remove those distractions for the listener. 



Study or Knowledge and Experience:

  • College degree in journalism or media production preferred but not required
  • 1 year of audio production experience required 
  • Radio drama experience is a plus
  • Strong written and oral skills 
  • Experience writing (aptitude/potential for wraps, making content decisions, and using sound to tell stories)
  • SFX experience a plus
  • Some experience with one or all of the following programs: 
    1. Sequoia 
    2. ProTools 
    3. Or professional audio equivalent 
  • This person will be able to work in tight deadlines with a high level of proficiency and expertise. 
  • This person will be able to differentiate between a podcast and radio show and assist in creating products in both spaces.
  • Strive to live a life consistent with Biblical principles and demonstrate continued growth and spiritual development.


Internal Work Environment:

Work with other media team members to conceptualize, plan, engineer, produce, edit, and finalize audio experiences. Work with other ODB teams to coordinate production efforts, content direction, and marketing of audio experiences. 

External Communication Requirement: 

High degree of external communication with audio hosts, guests, contractors, and distribution platforms.  

Stewardship of Resources: 

Plan recording schedules and production cycles to maximize time and money. 

Miscellaneous Notes for Consideration: 

Based on biblical principles, our statement of faith and the richness of our organization’s history, we will strive to reflect our commitment to diversity by honoring the ministry’s mission, vision, values/ethos and guiding principles.


Our Daily Bread strives to embody a Biblically based commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

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