Assembly Specialist

Assembly Specialist

Assembly Specialist

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Job Description

General Labor - Part-time




Tekton needs an impressive Assembly Specialist who can assemble and pack products while upholding our high standards for quality, speed, and accuracy. This is a physically active role where you will be working on your feet for the entire shift, twisting and bending to pick up boxes, and operating material handling equipment.

You must be physically capable of repeatedly lifting 20-45 pounds and occasionally lifting up to 90 pounds.

Department: Supply Chain

Direct Supervisor: Fulfillment Center Supervisor

Type: Full-time or Part-time

Pay: Starts at $16/hr.

Some specific role responsibilities

  • Work on your own or, occasionally, as part of an assembly team
  • Follow strict inventory procedures and participate in regular cycle counts as needed
  • Find good solutions to problems that come up, like quality issues with packaging or products
  • Keep your workstation and surrounding areas clean, organized, and safe
  • Unload containers and help with distribution duties, like picking and packing orders
  • Follow FC safety guidelines
  • Give feedback about our current processes and help FC leaders create a culture of continuous improvement

Education, experience, and skills

Experience in fulfillment, distribution, assembly, shipping, quality control, or general warehouse work could be helpful, but is not required. You must be able to use basic technology effectively, like email and our warehouse management system.

Location and hours

This is an hourly position located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Full-time positions are available. We’re also open to part-time candidates as long as you can commit to working at least 20 hours per week.

About the company

Tekton, Inc. is a family-owned company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We’re dedicated to making the best hand tools you’ll ever own, and we start by designing the products that we personally believe in and want to own ourselves. We focus especially on tools used in mechanical and assembly work; our core categories include systems of hand drive sockets and ratchets, impact sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers.

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