All Nations Worship Coordinator

All Nations Worship Coordinator

All Nations Worship Coordinator

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Job Description

Other Ministries - Full-time

Job Description – All Nations Worship Coordinator


Being and Making Disciples of Jesus Christ

Position: All Nations Worship Coordinator

Compensation: 20 hours/week starting at $18/hour

Reports to: Co-Pastor Andrew

Summary of Worship within COS:

COS embraces a liturgical framework that draws on holy scripture to guide the

planning of formal worship. This takes precedence over a particular musical or artistic

style. COS values drawing on the diverse gifts, multi-generations, backgrounds, and

cultures of the members of COS and the broader church to usher in authentic worship

that acknowledges the Trinity of God and is beautifully eclectic in nature. Our worship

also draws upon the traditions of the faith that have glorified God and served the

church well over the centuries, as well as seeking out new expressions of worship that

would be appropriately fitting to our diverse congregation.

The All Nations Service (formerly the Basic English Service (BES)) began in April 2009

for English language learners. This includes New Americans who have arrived in the

USA as refugees or asylum seekers. Worshippers include New Americans and

American-born folks; former refugees and asylum seekers; international college and

seminary students; young children and retirees. The service is relaxed and welcoming

to all.

Position Summary:

To cultivate, empower, and sustain a multicultural, multilingual worshipping community.

The All Nations Worship Coordinator will work as part of a team consisting of Co-Pastor

Andrew, Co-Pastor Karen, All Nations music teams, the All Nations Music Assistant,

and the SES Worship Coordinator. A key component for cultivating multicultural worship

will be building relationships across a variety of cultures.

In collaboration with the team listed above, the All Nations Worship Coordinator will find

creative ways to gather songs and enable them to be sung as part of the worship

services that ensures a colorful expression of kingdom worship across cultures. This

requires creating space for the spiritual gifts of many congregants to be offered in the

service. Overseeing the weekly administration of the service – from volunteer

involvement to service planning – is also key to the success of this position.

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