Additional Stories

  • It’s About Relationships

    Ron Bieren’s and his small group meet every Wednesday morning at a local diner to connect and dig into God’s word. They share about the value of meeting together and the need for community, even in their later years.

  • Repurposing Our Brokeness

    “I shouldn’t be alive, in fact, my last memory from the accident is that I didn’t make it out.”   These are the words Laura would share with anyone who asked about her story. After a life-altering incident in high school, Laura struggled with depression, disordered eating, and several physical hurdles.  This was only compounded in college, when while driving to Chicago […]

  • Right Where I’m At

    Andy grew up struggling to trust people, which in turn led to a lack of trust in God. Propelled by self-interest, Andy found himself making a series of bad decisions eventually putting him on his knees. Once he submitted and put his trust in God as the ruler of his life, Andy can feel God’s […]

  • A Classic Story

    A Classic Story During week one of the Found series, Pastor Jeff Manion brought to light some hard truths about the condition of our hearts. For one woman, Nancy*, who was visiting Ada Bible Church with her daughter, Pastor Jeff’s message was deeply convicting. She shared with us how she came to recognize that her heart needed to be […]

  • Generosity Changes Lives

    Frank was born without a bone in his right leg. Through the generosity of Cure Dominicana and Ada Bible Church, Frank was given his life back. If hearing his story evokes the need to speak with someone about your own story, please contact

  • You’re Mine

    Finding herself at rock bottom, Coralyn was invited to Women In The Word.  There she found a community of women who walked alongside her and helped reignite her faith. If hearing her story evokes the need to speak with someone about your own story, please contact

Sermon Series

Sermon Series

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