We think membership at Ada Bible Church is important for two reasons:

1) It helps us to understand our spiritual formation in the context of Ada Bible Church.

2) It helps us understand where we’ve been, who we are, and where we’re going.


Our mission is to lead people into a relationship with God and his church that transforms them to Christ-likeness. By becoming a member, you commit to Ada Bible Church being your church home. In short: membership at Ada Bible Church is about what you’ll receive and what you’ll give.

Our desire is that everyone who comes to Ada Bible Church will be discipled in three key areas: the Row, the Circle, and the Chair.

The Row is where you will hear powerful teaching and experience community as we sing worship songs each week.

The Circle is where a small group of people gather together to be relationally discipled. Each time a small group meets we focus on sharing life, investing in others, and pursing God.

The Chair is your personal time with God. It’s where you might sit down by yourself, open up the Bible and read through Scripture. It’s also where God can speak the deepest into your life.


It’s important for our members to know what God has done at Ada Bible Church in the past, where he is working today, and where he is leading us tomorrow. We want you to know what matters to us and if it aligns with what matters to you.

Membership FAQs
Sermon Series

Sermon Series

Want to listen to a message again or maybe you were on vacation and want to catch up. Click over to our media page and you can watch or listen to past messages, find access to Beyond The Weekend, Sermon Discussion Guides and more. Check it out!

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Next Steps

Next Steps

We believe that everyone has a next step in their spiritual journal. It doesn’t mater if you have been in church your whole life, or are checking us out for the first time, we all have a next step. To find out how we can help you along your faith journey click the link below.

Get Started is an excellent resource online for updating your personal information, registering for events, accessing your giving history, scheduling recurring giving and seeing event you are registered to attend. If you don’t have an account, registering is simple and quick.

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