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But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ. Philippians 3:20

Listen: Philippians 3


Roman citizenship was a big deal for the Philippians. People were experiencing Rome when they came to Philippi and experienced all its culture had to offer. They were to think, “So, this is what the greatness and glory of Rome (and its emperor) is like!”

In the same way, Paul wanted those who came to the church in Philippi to say, “So, this is what the kingdom of Christ is like!” While the most defining connection for a Philippian was Roman citizenship, the most defining connection for a believer is citizenship in Christ’s kingdom.

It is critical to be careful of who we “follow” and “keep our eyes on” (Philippians 3:17) as we become like Jesus. We must follow those who live out their citizenship in heaven as they live in humble submission to Christ now. If we don’t­—if we lose our focus on the next world—we become less helpful here and now. When we remember where our home truly is, we move forward in our pursuit of Jesus.


As the work week ends, ask yourself today, “Who am I following?” After prayerful reflection, you may determine you need to “follow” (not necessarily in the Facebook or Twitter sense) someone else. Pray for wisdom to determine who that should be and how to take the next step to establish a relationship.

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