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Jacob was in love with Rachel and said, “I’ll work for you seven years in return for your younger daughter Rachel.” Genesis 29:18

Listen: Genesis 29


Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are “The Patriarchs.” The fathers of Israel and first three men in a family line God promises to bless and make a blessing to everyone else. But look closer, and we see their brokenness. This week our story continues with Jacob, the second born of Isaac. Ancient custom was to bless the first-born child and give all other children very little. As the second-born, Jacob tricks his father Isaac into giving him the blessing intended for his older brother Esau.

This was a big deal. The blessing includes the promises of God given to Abraham passed down to Isaac. With Esau angry enough to kill, Jacob flees to Haran where he stays with his uncle Laban and searches for a wife. Our narrative continues here in Haran.

Much like the rest of the story, Jacob’s search for a wife creates problems. Conflict arises because Jacob, Laban, Rachel, and Leah all had strong desires for what we will call IT. IT is a stand-in we’ll use this week which refers to anything—other than God—we believe will give us value, hope and happiness.

Looking at these flawed people, we probably see bits of ourselves. We see the same desire for value, success, happiness, and peace in our family conflict. We also see how God is working in, through and around the conflict. Seeing these things, we learn about God, ourselves and how to grow through family conflict.


We need humility, openness and the supernatural help of our loving Father as we take a look into our hearts this week and discern how we chase after IT. Take a few minutes to pray and invite God into this week. Pray that He would give you fresh eyes and a humble heart to see yourself in a clear light. Thank Him in advance for the way He will move in you.

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