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Psalm 19.12-13

As Pastor Jeff Manion said this past weekend, King David was “a train wreck waiting to happen.” David knew the condition of his heart and he knew that all wasn’t well. After reflecting on creation and then on God’s Word, David now looks inward to his own heart and spiritual condition.

He knew that he didn’t know. David knew he sinned and didn’t have the capacity, in and of himself, to identify everything he did wrong. He knew he could easily be dominated by debilitating sin because he had experienced it in some awful ways (see 2 Samuel 11). Because of this, he prays for forgiveness and protection. Forgiveness for what he’s done and protection from what he knew he was capable of doing.

Today, as you prepare for your day, use David’s prayer in verse 13 as part of your prayer. Keep in mind those situations that could lead to “willful sins” and specifically pray for help at those times.