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Genesis 9.6
Murder is out of bounds because God created us in his image. People are the pinnacle of creation. When we harm another person, we’ve decided that person isn’t made in the image of God. Instead of treating the person as God’s treasured possession, we value them by a different standard.

We need to treat others in a way consistent with their God-given value. When we see people as a means instead of an end, their value lies only in what they can do for us. When the Israelites were slaves, they were only valued for their brick production. God warns against treating each other this way.

Today, we discard people without killing them. We break the heart of this command when we “de-image” people. Whether we do it through murder, treating them poorly, or valuing them only for what they can do. Too often we value people based on their brains, beauty, or wit. This command speaks against these actions.

God calls us to something better. Who are the people you “de-image”? Maybe it’s a spouse, an assistant, an intern, your boss, or the person who serves you food. Write down some ways you can treat them as valuable people created in the image of God.