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Text: Ecclesiastes 4.9-12

A small group at Ada Bible Church is just one of several “circles” in our life. Other circles include friends, work teams, sports teams, classes we attend, our neighborhood, and people with whom we volunteer. Each circle has the potential to influence us in one of two directions: toward or away from living like the Christ. No circle is neutral in this respect; each one moves us one way or the other.

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This makes The Circle of the Ada Bible Church small group especially important. It may be the only one in your life with the specific goal of helping you to become more like Jesus. Because of the challenges we face along the road (Ecclesiastes 4.9-12), it’s critical we “travel” with others who not only help, but move us toward Jesus in the midst of the challenges. It’s also important we build relationships before we need others and others need us.

Today, as you welcome God into your day, evaluate your circles and their role in moving you toward or away from being like the Christ. This might require you to step out of one circle and move into another. If you’re not currently in The Circle of an ABC small group, tomorrow is your last chance to signup for Group Launch on Sunday, January 25. Register here by noon for the event at your campus.