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Text: Luke 12.15-21

As Pastor Jeff Manion told us this past weekend in this video clip, Jesus warned his followers to be “on your guard against all kinds of greed” (Luke 12.15). Jesus gives his followers this warning after a man has demanded him to make his brother divide their inheritance. At first glance Jesus’ response doesn’t seem fair. But Jesus sees this man is more concerned about the property than the fact he and his brother are at odds. The man is asking the wrong question.

He should be asking, “Please help us reconcile. Our family inheritance is tearing us apart.” Jesus sees this man has no desire to reconcile and isn’t willing to trust God with what he does or doesn’t get. God wants us to care more about relationships than our possessions.

Christ’s way is to be willing to lose money to gain reconciliation. An example in The New Testament of relationship over money is the story of Paul, Philemon, and Onesimus (found in the book of Philemon). Onesimus was a slave who stole from his Christian master, Philemon, then ran to Rome where he met Paul and became a believer. Paul writes to Philemon asking him to accept Onesimus back as a brother and to forgive his debt. He even offers to cover Philemon’s monetary loss so that peace can occur between these two men.

Reconciliation, at the cost of losing money, is counter-cultural. Today, as you come before God, read and memorize Luke12.15. Focus on what God may want from you and let him impress upon your heart that life is more than possessions.