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Be my rock of refuge, to which I can always go; give the command to save me, for you are my rock and my fortress. Psalm 71:3

Listen: Psalm 71


Masada towers nearly 400 meters above the Judean wilderness (see images here). It was where King Herod built palaces and a fortress. It was where nearly 1,000 Jews reportedly committed mass suicide rather than avoid capture by the invading Roman army. It was also the place David visited at three critical times in his life. It was probably the image he had in mind as he prayed for God to be his “rock” and “fortress.” He could think of nowhere else that offered greater safety and security.

What’s your Masada, your retreat? We all have one—a person, place or thing we turn to when we’re hurt or life gets difficult. It might be binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix. Maybe it’s “retail therapy” online or at the mall. Or numbing out with alcohol or prescription drugs. Whatever it is, it’s your “rock.” It’s where you go when life is falling apart.

In today’s verse, David tells God, “You are my Masada. You are my rock.” It’s what David knew because it’s what he’d experienced. He knew nothing else could provide the safety and security that only God could provide.


Listen to the Bethel Music version of “King of My Heart.” Allow the lyrics “Let the King of my heart be the mountain where I run…Let the King of my heart be the shadow where I hide…” to wash over you as you follow David’s lead in retreating to the real Masada— your loving heavenly Father.

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