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1 Timothy 6.17-19

The church in Laodicea was so well off financially, its people become independent and lose their passion for loving and trusting God. Although most Americans wouldn’t call themselves “rich” compared to the rest of the world, we’re in the top 5%. And that puts our faith in danger of being consumed by our own self-reliance.

Paul, fully aware of the dangers “treasures” pose to believers, offers the remedy to Timothy, the pastor of a very affluent church in Ephesus. Paul tells those who are rich to enjoy (be content with) what God has given them, serve others with their treasures, and share their time and energy.

Serving and sharing can turn your perspective from “It’s all about me” to “It’s all about you.” Open-handed generosity is both scheduled and spontaneous. It starts with consistent giving: showing up to the church nursery every Sunday, driving your elderly neighbor for groceries each Tuesday, or similar to Nympha, offering your home each week for small group. And it should overflow into spontaneous giving: babysitting for a couple who needs time together, or hearing someone had surgery and taking them a meal.

Today, take action to grow and protect your faith through serving and sharing. Open handed giving begins with scheduled giving, so ask God to reveal ways you can consistently give your time and resources for his Glory. Click here to begin the process for serving at Ada Bible Church. Also ask him to help you watch and listen for spontaneous ways to serve others.