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…the Spirit said to him, “Simon (Peter), three [Gentile] men are looking for you…Do not hesitate to go with them, for I have sent them.” Acts 10:19b, 20b

Read: Acts 10:1-20

Listen: Acts 10


The first Christians were Jews who thought they were doing everything right. Taught by the Pharisees to follow the letter of the law, they hadn’t considered there might be new ways to follow God as the result of what Jesus did on the cross (Romans 6:10a). God needed to expand their hearts so they could understand his.

In the story of Peter and Cornelius, God communicates directly with both of them to go against what they would typically do. Cornelius (a Gentile) is told to send messengers to bring Peter (a Jew) to his house, and Peter is told to go. This was not their idea—it was God’s idea. Peter would have never considered going into the home of a Gentile because of Old Testament Law. But God was already at work with something new and bigger in mind. Because Cornelius and Peter were willing to obey God, Cornelius and his household hear and believe the Gospel message.

What if God wants to expand our hearts too and is already at work on a plan we can’t see? Like Peter and Cornelius, we need to move past our reservations and trust God with the first step. This is how God moves in our lives and expands our understanding of his heart.


Pray, “Father, I don’t want to get in the way of how you are moving. Please show me where I have let my way become more important than your way. I admit my pride in doing what I think is right, so please help me bend my will to yours and get on board with your plan.”

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