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Luke 2.8-11

When the angels announced the newborn Jesus was Christ the Lord, their meaning was massive! The meaning of “Lord” in ancient Israel simply meant “master.” It was common to call the head of the home or your employer “lord,” but the angels had a much bigger meaning.

Jesus, the God-man, is intended to rule over all creation. Colossians 2.10b says, “[Jesus] is the head over every power and authority.” Jesus has literally been appointed as the ruler over every authority in the universe. Every personality that’s ever existed is fully accountable to the rule of King Jesus. Jesus’ rule extends everywhere.

This is both glorious and terrifying. It’s glorious because we worship the King over all creation. It’s terrifying in the sense that everyone is accountable to Jesus’ rule. This gives hope to the oppressed and should inspire dread in oppressors. Jesus will exact perfect justice in every situation.

Jesus also desires to live with us both as ruler of our life and as the servant king who washed his disciples’ feet and went to the cross to bear our sins. He’s as good, kind, and humble as you can imagine. But he does ask us to surrender to him as king. We each must choose to yield our allegiance to Jesus as Lord.

Today, as you consider how you can yield every aspect of your life to King Jesus, listen to the song “Jesus Reigns” by New Life Worship. May we have soft hearts ready to be yielded to the rule of King Jesus.