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Text: Romans 8.9-16

This past weekend pastor Bob King opened the series SuperPowers, a detailed look at the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5.22-23. At the foundation of this series (and our new life as Christians) is the Holy Spirit. But to many of us, the Holy Spirit is mysterious, confusing, and widely unknown.

The Holy Spirit is known by many names: the Spirit of the Lord, Holy Ghost, the Comforter, or simply the Spirit. He’s not a force emanating from God or some mystical presence, he’s an actual member of the Trinity, just like Jesus and God the Father. The Holy Spirit is God and possesses all of the characteristics of a person: intellect, emotion, and will—just like Jesus and God the Father.

Today’s Scripture teaches us the Holy Spirit has some specific and powerful roles in each of our lives. As Christ-followers he lives inside of us (Romans 8.11), gives us power over sin and temptation (Romans 8.9-10), reminds us we are sons and daughters of God (Romans 8.15-16), and leads us into life-giving decisions (Romans 8.13). The Holy Spirit is a crucial part of every believer’s life.

Today, consider this week’s One Big Question: What comes to mind when you hear the name “Holy Spirit”? Discuss this with your small group or a close friend. If you desire more information about the Holy Spirit check out our We Believe Project. You’ll find a much fuller picture of the Holy Spirit in relationship to Jesus, God the Father, and the Church.