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Then [Jesus] looked at those seated in a circle around him and said, “Here are my mother and my brothers! Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.” Mark 3:34

Listen: Mark 3


Jesus’ own family didn’t understand him and didn’t believe him. They were so concerned they went to get him because they thought he was crazy (Mark 3:21)! It wasn’t easy to be rejected by his family, and misunderstood to the point where they believed an intervention was necessary. Jesus wasn’t being applauded by those closest to him.

This message must have resonated deeply with Mark’s original audience. Friends and family were rejecting these new Jesus-believers because of their faith. Their businesses were suffering because they now follow Jesus. Not to be ignored or easily dismissed, it hurt a lot. Spiritual movement today isn’t often applauded either. Some family and friends might call you a “religious fanatic,” eye you with suspicion or view you as “not fun” anymore.

But when we follow Jesus, he places us in a new “family” with other Jesus-followers. Our brothers and sisters in Christ love us, care for us, support us and even point out when we are off-track or wrong. Now more than ever, we need to surround ourselves with God’s family.


As you reflect on the main idea in this week’s passage and your response (on page 32 in your journal), spend time evaluating your relationship to God’s family. Are your relationships stronger or weaker than they were before the pandemic? If you need to, move closer to those in Jesus’ family. Two great ways to do this are by joining a small group or serving at the church.

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