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I will fulfill my vows to the Lord in the presence of all his people. Psalm 116:14

Listen: Psalm 116


The psalmist doesn’t just move on after his rescue—he offers a thank offering. He goes public with it by giving something and saying something. He enters the temple, the center of both religious and social life for the Israelites, and publicly states his appreciation. It isn’t a humblebrag, but genuine appreciation. His closest friends and family would’ve been there. They all knew the situation, and now he is letting them know how God was with him.

As Senior Pastor Jeff Manion tells us in the video clip below, there are times when we need to go public with our praise.  Opportunities are all around us to go public with our thanks to God. Whether it is the birth of a child, finally moving out of our parent’s house the second time or finishing chemo, there are opportunities to give thanks publicly. These don’t have to be elaborate ceremonies. We can simply take a moment when our friends or family are gathered to acknowledge what God has done. It is taking the time to “raise a glass” to God and recognize his provision.


Consider what you need to publicly thank God for the next time you get a chance. What’s something you can thank him for the next time you are with your small group or your family gets together? How else can you go public—not with a humblebrag, but genuine thanksgiving? Consider using something like a Facebook post or an Instagram story to thank God publicly for getting you through a mess.

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