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While Apollos was at Corinth, Paul took the road through the interior and arrived at Ephesus. Acts 19:1

Read: Acts 19:1-22
Acts 19


Acts 19 tells the story of Paul in Ephesus. It is one amazing and incredible thing after another: the Holy Spirit comes on new believers, Paul faces intense opposition, miracles happen for those who touch Paul’s clothing and a demon pummels seven men practicing exorcisms. It seems like one event barely ends before the next one begins. But it’s not happening nearly that quickly. Acts 19 is actually a “highlight reel” of Paul’s three-year stay in Ephesus. But as Scripture shows us these highlights, it also gives hints about the daily grind Paul experiences.

We’re familiar with “highlight reels.” They show us the game-winning touchdown and the bicycle-kick goal. We also make them ourselves when we post select photos of our vacation and our child’s birthday party. But highlight reels don’t show the effort needed for the highlight to happen. We don’t see the daily faithfulness required for amazing things to occur—the weight-lifting, ten hours of driving or months of planning.

We can dismiss this daily grind as not important. We think it’s too boring, too common, too small or too hard. But these roadblocks can detour us from a life of faithfulness, the kind of life God seeks.


On page 42 of your Jesus & the City journal, write a prayer asking God to help you embrace the daily grind and see it as faithful obedience to him.


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Today’s reading is Hebrews 2.

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The Daily Grind