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…for since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen.

Read the entire passage: Romans 1.20-23


Creation plainly reveals a creator—but too often we ignore the obvious. While we may be tempted to think this is a modern phenomenon, it has been going on for all of history. People often exchange worship of the creator for worshipping a part of the creation. Paul recognizes this trend in Romans 1 and the danger it represents. This exchange blinds us to God and keeps us from living life fully alive to God and others.

Worshipping the creation instead of the creator leads us to become slaves to the very things God created for us to enjoy. Instead of being thankful for God’s creation and recognizing his kindness and generosity in creating it, we hungrily yearn for more and become consumed with it. This pursuit can have devastating consequences—derailing marriages, families and careers.


Today, identify where our culture does this. Ask God for strength to resist the temptation to worship the creation and not the creator. Open your heart to God asking him to reveal areas of your life where you are pursuing the creation and not the creator.