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Paul and his companions traveled throughout the region of Phrygia and Galatia, having been kept by the Holy Spirit from preaching the word in the province of Asia. Acts 16:6

Read: Acts 16:6-11

Listen: Acts 16


Three verses. Luke uses only three verses to describe the uncertainty of Paul’s traveling group experiences. Think of the possible frustration, stress and confusion those three verses contain. It isn’t just one major roadblock, but two. They laboriously travel from place to place only to have God slam the door. They wait for direction in Troas. It’s negative guidance.

We all receive negative guidance. It’s disheartening. A rejection letter from our preferred college. Being cut from the softball team. A hiring team informs us they are going another direction. The boss promotes a co-worker. Welcome to Troas.

Our feelings tell us God doesn’t care and has abandoned us. That isn’t the case at all. It may be a matter of timing or another opportunity to come. It could mean God is closing the door on a season of our life. We don’t always get a “why” for the negative guidance we receive.

In the face of negative guidance, we should cling to God. In today’s passage and other stories in the Bible, we see how roadblocks are a part of every journey. Pursuing God isn’t always open doors and smooth sailing. It includes closed doors, uncertainty and waiting. It isn’t the time for us to wrest control from God. Instead, it is an opportunity to trust him.


Write a prayer of submission to God in your journal. Tell him where you feel lost or stuck. Then, tell him you give that situation to him and trust him. After you’ve written the prayer, open your hands on your lap with your palms facing upward and tell him your journey is in his hands.

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