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When he came ashore he saw a great crowd, and had compassion on them, because they were like a sheep without a shepherd. And he began to teach them many things.  Mark 6:34

Read: Mark 6:34

Listen: Mark 6


Jesus taught a lot. If you look at a Bible with Jesus’ words in red, you will find he had a lot to say. In fact, at the beginning of his ministry, he says to his disciples, “Let us go somewhere else-to the nearby villages-so I can preach there also. That is why I have come,” (Mark 1:38). It’s worth noting that when Jesus did this, there was a line of people by him waiting and hoping he would heal them. But Jesus moves to the next village to teach.

Teaching, not healing, was his high priority and we see why in today’s verse. It says that he had compassion on the crowd because they were like a sheep without a shepherd. Jesus knew that the crowds had a distorted view of God, a warped view of themselves and a twisted view on life. So, out of compassion, he taught them.

What if one of the most loving things Jesus can do for us is to instruct us? We’re just like those crowds—we have a distorted view of God, a warped view of ourselves and a twisted view on life. We need the teachings of Jesus to show us the heart of the Father, help us understand ourselves and live the way we were intended. Yet, it’s easy for us to not take Jesus teaching seriously. We want to view Jesus’ voice as simply one among many to consider, ignore his teaching altogether or just listen to the parts we like. But the greatest thing we can do is listen to Jesus and respond. If we take Jesus seriously, we will take his teaching seriously.


Spend a few minutes and reflect on how you view Jesus. Do you take him seriously as a teacher? Maybe you have begun to tune him out or consider him just one voice among many. As we continue in this series through the life of Jesus, make a commitment today to view him as not just a teacher, but as your Teacher.

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