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1 Corinthians 4.1-5

“To do small things that are continually right, without being noticed, is much more important…” Francois Fenelon, The Seeking Heart.

Moments that deserve public praise and accolades are things such as a heroic rescue. But opportunities for extreme heroism are somewhat limited. Lifesaving heroics depend on life-threatening situations; they’re not something you can preschedule into your week. However, as Francois Fenelon points out, “Faithfulness in the little things better proves your love for God. It is the slow, plodding path rather than a passing fit of enthusiasm that matters.”

God is reflected in the small acts of faithfulness and forms our character in the process.

Today’s passage is a powerful exhortation to stay faithful in the little things and approach our roles in life seriously. The Scriptures warn us God will judge us by how faithful we are with what we’ve been given. That’s a sobering thought. We’ve been entrusted with varying levels of God’s message and truth and we’ll be judged accordingly by how we live it and share it with others.

We won’t be judged on our “greatness,” but on our faithfulness.

Commit 1 Corinthians 4.2 to memory. Let this verse give you strength to faithfully step into small acts of obedience as you reflect a faithful heart toward God.