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Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. Philippians 1:27a

Listen: Philippians 1


Paul had one priority—God. Paul doesn’t seem to have a medium or low setting. When he was a Pharisee, he was all in even to the point of hunting down Christians. When Jesus intervened and redirected his life, he never looked back. In a few short years, he was traveling around the first-century world sharing the gospel. Through beatings, shipwrecks, rejection, false accusations and imprisonment, Paul never considered himself. He took the mind of Jesus and prioritized God, then others, then himself. Paul is selfless for the gospel.

Paul was more concerned about the gospel and others than himself. Paul’s focus on God, then others, then himself helped him to worry less. Our culture tells us to focus on ourselves. Social media tells us everyone is interested in our vacation, our food and our pets. We work hard to make our posts look idyllic, even if it means eating cold food. When we start to consider our priorities through the lens of advancing the gospel, it should be freeing. The pressure and anxiety of trying to impress should fade as we just focus on doing the right thing. This is the power of being selfless.


As you spend time in the chair, ask yourself whether you tend to focus on yourself or on others. In your journal on page 34, write down four or five of the things you focus on in no particular order. Maybe your list will include things like your reputation, work, kids, friends, sports, fun, adventure, Jesus or safety. Then, review the list and ask yourself how someone looking at your life would order it. Finally, write the order you want and prayerfully consider ways to reorient life to focus more on others than yourself.

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