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When Esau heard his father’s word’s he burst out with a loud and bitter cry and said to his father, “Bless me—me too, my father! Genesis 27:33

Listen: Genesis 27


It all starts with as dysfunctional a family as you can imagine. The patriarch, Isaac is in rapidly failing health. But before he passes, he must pass the spiritual blessing his father (Abraham) received from God on to the son he loves, Esau. But Isaac’s passion for food and his spiritual lethargy have consumed him. The older son, Esau has married two Canaanite women and sold his valuable birthright for a bowl of soup. Jacob, the younger son and a homeboy, is known for his deception and plots to steal Esau’s blessing. Isaac’s wife, Rebekah works with Jacob to manipulate the blessing from Esau. Esau plots to kill Jacob. Incredibly, this family is the one through whom God promised to bless the world. It is characterized by misplaced passion, theft, lying and homicidal intent. Perhaps it’s not all that different from your family.

If your family resembles this family in any way, you might be approaching our new series with the question, “How can I fix this?” It’s a good question—but a better question might be, “How can I seek God in the middle of the mess?” Instead of getting caught up in how to put the pieces back together—seek to follow and trust God even in the chaos.


Praying with open hands symbolizes both our willingness to surrender to God and an openness to receive what only he can provide. Pray this prayer with open hands, “Father God, I give you my family with all its complexities and challenges. Help me to faithfully follow you in the chaos. Instead of continually trying to fix the mess, help me to seek you. Thank you, in Jesus name and for your glory, Amen.”

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