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For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.

Read the entire passage: 2 Chronicles 16.7-9


Late in Asa’s reign, the armies of Israel prepare to attack Judah. So Asa did a very logical thing—he sent a gift and ratified a treaty with the neighboring King of Aram. This military-political move actually works. Israel retreated from their position and Asa’s armies procured loot from two storage cities. But God is not happy about the way Asa proceeded. Asa moved forward without seeking God first.

When faced with challenges, each of us naturally relies on our own strength. We all have ways we tend to trust our own strength whether it’s attempting to climb the corporate ladder, manipulating the people in our family or simply ignoring God’s prompting in our hearts. Instead, God desires for us to seek him.


While it’s important to seek God in the “big moments,” those moments generally occur when we’ve developed a pattern of seeking God in our lives. There are a few ways we can seek God. One way is to sit down in the morning and pray, “God, please speak to me about this matter.” Another way is to sit faithfully under the preaching of God’s Word. When we consistently bring ourselves under God’s Word, we are moved by his Spirit. Take a few minutes this morning to consider what it looks like to make seeking God a pattern in your life.