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Psalm 34.9-16

When we reside in a season of unfairness for any period of time, it’s easy for bitterness to take root in our heart. And bitterness generally expresses itself through our words. Critical, biting words that are usually the result of a deep discontentment with God and his dealings with us. If we’re not careful, we can get comfortable feeding those bitter thoughts in our hearts.

David found himself in a situation that could have resulted in extreme bitterness. He could’ve easily justified speaking harshly towards those who intended him evil, but he writes that we should “keep our tongues from evil” and “seek peace and pursue it” (Psalm 34.13a; 14b).

Instead of harboring bitterness, we should pursue peace with God and each other. Keeping a close watch on our tongues is key to this endeavor. When we sense our words growing critical or dark, it’s time to do some heart reflection.

Today, take time to search your heart for bitterness towards God or another person. As you identify your wound or disappointment, entrust it to God. Hand your difficulty over to him and believe that in his timing he will be the Just Judge who will reconcile all things.