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Text: Psalm 19.7-11

Notice how the Psalmist refers to God’s law as refreshing, radiant, and sweeter than honey. With a careful look at David’s poetic language, we see he views Scripture as life-giving and worth savoring. He cherishes God’s Word—not only for its practical implications for himself—but because David tastes of the very words of God. No one else quenches our inner thirst or radiates pure glory like God himself.

When we read that “all Scripture is God-breathed” (2 Timothy 3.16), we understand that the essence of God’s character flows through the pages of our Bibles. This is precisely what makes God’s Word a special revelation for us and what allows David to experience God as he reads it. God moves in his people to convey stories, poems, prophecies, and letters not so we become better people, but because God wants us to know him.

Scripture is not just an amazing resource, it’s God’s special revelation for us to encounter him. But we have a choice: let our Bibles sit on the shelf and collect dust, or dive on in, willing to learn about God, and willing to learn how to be “like the Christ.” Think about how you’ve responded to God’s Word this past week and then consider this week’s One Big Question . . . How will you respond to God’s special revelation?