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Rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. Philippians 2:7

Read: Philippians 2:1-8

Listen: Philippians 2


In Mark 1:21–39, Jesus spends most of a day healing the sick and casting out demons from a crowd lined up at his door. The next day he gets up early and goes outside to pray. His disciples find him and tell him another crowd of people need him. Jesus says no. “Let us go somewhere else…so I can preach there also. That is why I have come.” Helping those people would have been good but not the best choice. His purpose was not simply to heal and cast out demons—but to preach his Good News and die on the cross.

Sometimes God says no because he has a higher purpose. If he can say no, so can we. We can say no to buying what we don’t need, golfing every Sunday afternoon, or having drinks after work so we can say yes to meeting a ministry need, going to Small Group or spending time with our family.

Jesus was able to say no when it counted the most toward obeying God and following his plan. Jesus experienced total joy, love, and harmony to become human and die for our sins. He said yes to the best, most loving choices.


If Jesus says no to say yes to the best, so can we. In your journal or mobile device, make a list of the things that take up your time. Then ask God for his eyes to see where you need to say no, so you can make room for the best, wisest, most loving choices for his purposes.

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