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God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. Genesis 1:31

Read: Genesis 1:31

Listen: Genesis 1


Through the entire Creation process we see the phrase, “And God saw that it was good.” We see God’s response to his work five times in Genesis 1. God separates the water from the ground, creates the trees and plants, placed the stars in the sky and created the sea creatures and animals. Taking satisfaction from what he’d done—he called it good. When he creates human beings, he describes all he has created as “very good.” It’s as if God steps back from his work, watches the interplay between the humans, plants, animals, and fish and exclaims, “Yes!”

We are to get the same satisfaction from the work we do and from the order we create from chaos whether when we balance the ledger, clean out the garage, place the folded laundry on the shelf or finish the laminate floor. We step back, look at the completed work, and say, “Yes, this is good.” It is good because when we daily bring order to chaos, we’re modeling the work done by our Creator. The enjoyment of God is the same enjoyment we’re to experience.


Start by answering the question, “Where do I bring order to chaos?” Thank God for placing you in this situation where you can reflect his character. When you achieve “order” (at whatever level you can), step back and exclaim, “Yes!” as you take satisfaction in your work.

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