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He risked his life to make up for the help you yourselves could not give me. Philippians 2:30

Listen: Philippians 2


The Philippian church sent Epaphroditus on a risky journey to take a gift to Paul in Rome. In the first century, this journey would not be easy or safe. It was a journey measured in weeks if not months. While traveling, Epaphroditus becomes sick and almost dies. Still, he finishes his mission and gets the gift to Paul. Epaphroditus willingly risks his health for the spread of the gospel.

The gospel requires risk. We risk the friendship when we share what Jesus has done in our life with a friend. We risk a relationship when we choose to follow the sexual boundaries taught by Jesus. We risk our disposable income when we decide to start giving regularly. We risk someone rejecting us or exposing us when we are struggling with pornography and ask for help. We risk being taken advantage of when we choose to forgive. Being like Jesus requires risk—because showing love is risky. When we put others above ourselves, it involves risk. If following Jesus is 100% safe for you, you might not be following Jesus, because, without risk, there is no reward. The reward is the spreading of the gospel and growing more like Jesus.


Jesus risked, and we are called to risk for the gospel. Turn to page 34 in your journal. As Student Ministries Pastor Aaron Buer asked us to do, write the question, “Where is God asking me to risk?” Spend some time asking God to reveal the answer to you.

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