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John 20

Easter can be full of family and traditions but the heart of Easter is the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb. At the cross, Jesus offers us redemption and justification. He buys us back as his own and declares us “not guilty” by taking our place.

Also, at the resurrection, the very dead body of Jesus becomes very alive.  It’s not just an empty tomb. Jesus returns in flesh—flesh that can be touched by doubting Thomas or can consume a piece of bread cooked over a lakeside campfire.  He’s back and in a body that is unlike anything that’s ever been created or seen before.

Jesus’ resurrection has both spiritual and physical implications.  Spiritually, Jesus’ resurrection demonstrates for all that he’s conquered death, fully paid for all sin, and sealed the fate of Satan and his followers. Physically, Jesus sets the precedence for our future resurrection. We will live in real resurrected bodies on a real resurrected earth.

Jesus’ resurrection is the linchpin of Christianity. By it we have hope of a new tomorrow. We live, serve and sacrifice desiring not to squander our lives on ventures that end when we die. We can set our “Bucket Lists” aside knowing we’ll have eternity to explore all God’s great creation. Including exploring God himself.

Perhaps in reflection on the resurrection, you realize you’ve never received Christ’s love for you. Maybe you think you don’t have the hope of a resurrected tomorrow. We’d love to have a conversation about entering into the life God has for you. Start that conversation by texting “Decision Time” to 616-421-4232 or emailing us at btw@adabible.org.