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Jeremiah 32.1-44

In the past several weeks Pastor Manion has reminded us we will have seasons in life where we hit challenges. Like Jeremiah, sometimes these challenges almost wreck us. But survival and even restoration is possible. Jeremiah shows this as he models faithful obedience to God’s commands and clings to his promise, “I am with you” (Jeremiah 1.8). He never loses hope in our God who is good, in control, trustworthy and never finished with our story.

As our sermon series closes, God’s warnings are coming true. Babylonian siege ramps surround Jerusalem bringing the reality of destruction then deportation of survivors. In the midst of this, God instructs Jeremiah to buy some land—a strange request considering life as Israel knows it is about to end.  But this isn’t the end of their story.  God does this to demonstrate his intention to restore Israel to himself and their land (Jeremiah 32.37-44). Seventy years in the future, they’ll return and Jeremiah’s land purchase will make sense.

The story of Jeremiah, and the fall and restoration of Israel, is a story of restored hope.  It shows that God will bring us through long term trials as we realize our hope lies in him.  He made the heavens and earth and nothing is impossible for him. (Jeremiah 32:17)

As you begin this week, consider the One Big Question: Describe a time when you, or someone you know, experienced God’s restoration as the result of a hopeless trial. Discuss with your circle or a close friend how God can, or could, bring restorative hope in the midst of a crisis.