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Text: Hebrews 10.19-25

So much of life is repetitious: the rising and setting of the sun, cycles of eating and drinking, weather patterns and many recurrent trends. In fact, God designed our bodies to understand rhythms and he often uses repetition to help us know and follow him. Thus, when the author of Hebrews alludes to The Row as the practice of gathering and opening Scripture, he pleads with Jesus followers not to ignore or miss out on its benefits.

Obviously, when we neglect our physical health by skipping lunch or not showing up for dinner, we can’t benefit from the nutrients of the meal. Nor can we benefit from someone’s love if we avoid spending time with them. Similarly, if we go without prioritizing and making time for discipleship, we can’t reap its benefits. We need to embrace what Jeff Manion, senior teaching pastor, calls “holy redundancy” and schedule it in. Otherwise, discipleship becomes like everything else—lost in the chaos of other activity.

Scheduling discipleship and embracing this “holy redundancy” helps create consistency and steadiness. However, that’s not the goal or the greatest advantage. Showing up to a weekend service provides an opportunity. Benefits come from what happens in The Row and, more specifically, in your heart.

Throughout the week, we’ll look closer at the need, the benefit, and some strategies for discipleship in The Row. Invite God into your day and thank him for the value and joys of routinely attending church.