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When Asa heard these words from Azariah son of Obed the prophet, he took courage. He removed the detestable thing from the land of Judah…

Read the entire passage: 2 Chronicles 15


Asa had reigned for 15 years and was doing great. But God sends a message through the prophet Azariah essentially saying, “Keep going!  Don’t stop the good you’re doing.” Asa could have been indignant or complained that he was tired and “did his part,” but he didn’t. Instead, he turned up the heat on removing the evil from the land. And he was thorough! He removed detestable idols from the whole land. He gathered his people (and the faithful from the rival tribes) and they consecrated themselves to God. He even deposed his own grandmother who was worshipping false gods. Asa humbled himself and followed hard after God.

Sometimes when we’re seeking to follow God, he reveals a new area in our lives he’d like to work on. Sometimes it’s a habit we’ve kept hidden for a long time. Sometimes it’s a personality trait God would like us to abandon. Other times it’s a new calling God wants us to embrace. Regardless, we are faced with a decision—do we continue in our comfortable way or do we humble ourselves before God and embrace his new agenda for our lives?  This is rarely easy or convenient. It often means removing pesky temptations and putting up safeguards against areas we might be prone to stumble.


Take a minute today to identify an area in your life God might be asking you to address.  What practice needs to be removed from your life?  What practice needs to be added to your life?  God desires for you to experience his goodness. Humble yourself before God and lean into whatever it is he’s calling you to do. As you learn what this might be for you, invite a friend or family member into the conversation. Allow them to encourage and journey with you.