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Text: Luke 13.31-35

This past weekend Jeff Manion, senior teaching pastor, began painting the picture of the five days preceding Jesus’ betrayal and execution. In Luke’s gospel narrative, Jesus doesn’t arrive in Jerusalem until chapter 19. Yet, even in today’s text (Luke 13.31-35), Jesus fully acknowledges he must go to Jerusalem to meet his execution.

Even though he knows he’ll be rejected, Jesus is resolute to see God’s plan of salvation complete.

It actually seems like Jesus intended to accelerate the plan of the Pharisees who sought to execute him: he performed miracles on the Sabbath (Luke 14.1-6), accused the Pharisees of rejecting God (Luke 14.12-24), and openly condemned them for their pride and love of money (Luke 16.14-15).

Above all, Jesus was determined to fulfill God’s mission for his life: to die on the cross as the payment for our sin. His eyes were resolutely set on Golgotha, the hill where he’d breathe his last and bear the full weight of God’s wrath for our sin.

As Jesus was resolute towards the cross, may our hearts and minds focus on the magnitude of Christ’s crucifixion.

As you welcome God into your week, and with Easter fast approaching, consider incorporating a “spiritual discipline” into your day: a fast, extended time in The Chair, or Scripture memory. Whatever you select, use this activity to set your heart and mind on Christ’s sacrifice for us.