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Text: Luke 21.5-36

No one likes gloom and doom. Yet, Jesus foretells some grim and frightening stuff on the fourth day of his last week in Jerusalem: a horrifying downfall of the city (which happens in 70AD), events some believe will also occur right before he returns to earth a second time.

Thankfully, he doesn’t just describe these horrible events, but also gives guidance to his immediate and future disciples to help them stand firm and avoid anxiety. In Luke 21.5-36 he gives five challenges: watch out, that you aren’t deceived (21.8); don’t be frightened (21.9); make up your mind beforehand not to worry (21.14); stand firm and you’ll win [everlasting] life (21.19); and be careful about carousing, drunkenness and anxiety (21.34).

Notice these aren’t suggestions, but commands given to his followers to refine their faith. This week we’ll delve deeper into these commands in the midst of our fear and worry.

Today, read slowly through the passage and consider the One Big Question . . . What current situations are surfacing the greatest anxiety in your life? Then discuss with someone in your circle how Jesus’ guidance can help you.