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Text: Colossians 1.15-23

Many people see God’s story as only about the problem of sin, and Jesus being the solution, for when we die. But the Bible is so much more than that!  What Jesus did is also about the reconciliation of friendship and a purpose for living in the here and now.

Jesus is both God—who entered our reality—and man, who came to reconcile us to the same friendship he had with Adam and Eve. He longs to partner with us, both in this life and when we move on to his Kingdom of Heaven.

When you take the Bible as a whole, it’s about peace. Jesus’ basic task was to reconcile our broken friendship with God. He redeemed us—bought us back—by paying the debt we owed to God as punishment for rebelling against him (disobedience/sin). All we have to do is believe it. If you’ve never taken this step, he’s waiting for you to respond. This is where the adventure with him starts.

What Jesus has done for us is the best news we will ever hear! No other religion offers redemption and friendship with God. Listen and sing along with Kari Jobe’s “Revelation Song“ and experience with her the joy and awe of what Jesus has done to reconcile you with God.