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For it is God who works in you. Philippians 2:13b

Listen: Philippians 2


We are “working out” our salvation (obeying), while God is “working in.”  The Holy Spirit indwells us when we believe and receive Jesus (Ephesians 1:13-14) so the power of God is in us and working through us. This is hugely different from other religions that have lists of things you must do to please God and that to get there, you are “on your own.”

Early Christians were glaringly different from their contemporaries. Roman culture cared little for the needs of others. In contrast Paul conducted a ten-year charity for famine relief in Judea. By 250 AD, the Roman church community was daily supporting 1,500 destitute people. Christians became known for their benevolence to those of other religions, races, countries and economic status.

Working through believers, it is the power of God that causes us to be generous, merciful and caring to others. Guest Speaker John Dickson says, “we can spread our wings, and [God] is the updraft. If you run out of gas, you can ask him for help.”


Recently Ada Bible sent five groups to help with hurricane relief in Houston. Others regularly serve at local non-profits. Remember where your power comes from and consider how your small group, family or friends can be a “hands-on” light for God to work through. For local and global opportunities, visit adabible.org/missions.

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