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Text: Luke 5.1-11
The Apostle Peter was no stranger to Jesus’ power: Jesus had just healed Peter’s sick mother-in-law and others in his city. What he hadn’t seen yet was Jesus’ power over the deeper concerns of his own life.

When Jesus gives Peter the command, “Let down the nets for a catch,” he and his companions have been up all night fishing with absolutely no success. The likelihood of catching any fish is ridiculous. But Peter obeys and the catch is so huge the nets break and the boats begin to sink! The power of Jesus over Peter’s arrogance and pride brings him to his knees.

Most of us would be thanking Jesus for the great catch. But Peter’s perception of Jesus had drastically changed. Jesus knew what he was thinking. Compared to Jesus’  holiness, he is completely undone. Peter feels unworthy to even be in his presence saying, “Go away from me Lord; I am a sinful man!”

You may know of Jesus’ power but, like Peter, need to honestly evaluate who he is compared to who you are. We can’t change until our perceptions change to the truth of the sin separating us from a Holy God.

As you welcome God into your day and week, listen to “Our Great God” by Fernando Ortega and Mac Powell and consider who God is compared to yourself.