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Text: Luke 22.7-23

At the Last Supper, Jesus transforms the Jewish meal commemorating Passover to a memorial act in memory and proclamation of his death. With his disciples reclining near him, he used two common elements of the Passover meal to powerfully communicate two important spiritual truths. While they previously looked back to the Exodus and God’s old covenant with his people, they would now enter a relationship with God unlike anything they’d experienced.

He first takes the bread, which would’ve been eaten with lamb and bitter herbs, and says it symbolizes his broken body as the substitutionary sacrifice on the cross. He then takes the cup, “the new covenant in my blood,” (v 20) and says it is symbolic of the forgiveness of sin and a new relationship with God. This is what we remember and celebrate whenever we partake of Communion.

When we share these elements, we remember the sacrifice of Jesus as God’s supreme example of grace.

Today, as you welcome Jesus into your day and approach Good Friday, remind yourself of Jesus’ amazing sacrifice for you by listening to “O The Blood” by Gateway Worship.