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Text: Luke 20.41-44

With the Sadducees stopped dead in their tracks, Jesus takes full control of the debate by proposing another question. Knowing his opponents await a human (not divine) Messiah to lead them in revolt against Rome, Jesus challenges this assumption when he quotes an Old Testament Psalm (written by King David) and essentially asks how David can call the Messiah, “Lord” (Psalm 110.1).

In American culture we rarely, if ever, use the term “Lord.” However, the Jews regularly used it as an expression of respect and honor for someone in power or authority. King David would never call his son “Lord” unless his descendant was also his God.

After Jesus forces the leaders to wrestle with the issue of his divinity, the story leaves us hanging: no account tells us if any religious leader turned and believed the Messiah to be divine or if any professed Jesus as the God-Man. Don’t let that be your story. Take a few moments today to praise Jesus’ Lordship as you listen to “Jesus Messiah” by Chris Tomlin.